Our Story

Kaya Coding School was founded by a group of Stanford graduates with experience at Google, Apple, and other Silicon Valley companies. We know how important technology is to setup children for success.  Our goal is to make coding and technology accessible to everyone, starting here in the Philippines.


Here in the Philippines, there aren’t a lot of options to learn coding unless your school offers it or you self-learn. However, there are thousands of bright kids here who are interested in technology and how it makes the world work.


Our vision is to making coding available to everyone. And we’re starting with a school here in Cebu.

Why Coding

While starting kids coding early can encourage them to become the next Snapchat or Facebook founder, it can also benefit kids who want to be lawyers, doctors, teachers, or any other profession. Coding encourages kids to be creative by helping them think about different solutions to a problem. Coding teaches kids to be confident by showing them that they can build their own app or game. Coding can help kids with other subjects like math, reading, etc., in math, reading, and other subjects.

Who We Are

Kaya Coding School is founded by a group of Stanford graduates with experience at Google, Apple, and other Silicon Valley companies. We are an after school and weekend coding program for kids (ages 7-10) who are looking for a fun and engaging way to learn how to code. We are also parents and it is our our goal is to make it easy for kids to get started coding through interactive, game-based activities.

We are opening up our first location in Cebu. Come join us!

How It Works

Kids attend an 8-week session where they will learn coding through both paper-based and computer-based learning. Classes run for 2 hours (including a break) on Saturdays. In the first class, we’ll run a diagnostic to understand your child’s current level of experience. Because we keep our class size small (8-10 kids), this allows to tailor where possible to the needs of the students.

Our students will use visual block programming tools like Blockly, Scratch, or AppInventor. These will allow them to understand foundational concepts and are great starting points to eventually learn common programming languages like JavaScript and Python.

Here’s what you need:

  • Laptop and charger
  • Interested kid between the ages of 7-10